Banner Printing for Trade Shows

A trade show banner is a cheap but effective way to draw attention to your display and deliver your marketing message to a wide audience. In the exhibit hall, a banner can differentiate you from the rest of the competition and entice visitors to come and visit your booth. They enhance visibility and build brand awareness. They can also communicate your key selling points, and most importantly, highlight information on how those interested can get in touch with you. Banners reinforce your brand and your company name every time they are seen during the trade show by passersby, especially if placed in a high-traffic area.

Banner printing can be done on fabric as well as on vinyl material and can include graphics, text, photos and logos. Banners printed on fabric are generally easier to read under different lighting conditions because their surface area is less shiny. They also tend to last longer since they are less prone to wrinkling, creasing and tearing during set-up or transport. However, fabric colors do fade faster over time. They also have to be laundered clean unlike vinyl banners which can just be wiped and dusted whenever needed. Moreover, banners printed on vinyl are typically more striking and vivid, have sharper definition and hence easier to notice from afar than those imprinted on fabric. Of course, if given proper care and handled well, banners whether printed on fabric or vinyl banners can be used repeatedly and will last for years. Banners can be reused over and over again and thus would make a good investment, a non-recurring item of expenditure, for companies which regularly participate in various trade shows, exhibits and similar special events.

Besides the material on which they are printed, banners can be prepared in a variety of ways and styles. For instance, there are roll-up banner stands, L-framed banner stands, X-framed banner stands and telescopic banner stands. There are also banners that are meant for indoors and those designed for outdoor displays which are usually hung high up on the side of buildings so that they can be seen from afar. Trade show banners are of course typically for indoor use. Outdoor banners have to be constructed from weather-resistant, heavier material than those for indoor use. Baker Street Poster Printing offers high quality indoor and outdoor banner printing at almost any size. Whatever your specifications, they can provide you with the banner printing you need to stand out in your next trade show.