Personalised Posters for Marketing

Posters are a cheap and effective way to advertise your business. In fact, with posters, marketing can be very targeted and hence more efficient. If you place your posters in places frequented by those likely to need or want what you have to offer, it follows that you will increase your chances at converting them into actual customers.

Aside from that, studies have shown that people intuitively seem to find poster ads more believable and deserving of trust than TV and other modern media-based ads. Maybe because they are in public places, they seem less remote and somehow more “authentic”. Whether or not there is truth in what is being advertised, posters tend to give people the impression that there is legitimacy in what is being claimed. For this reason, for certain types of businesses, it makes sense to use personalised or custom-made posters for marketing. With personalised posters, these business can convey some feelings of concern which in turn can make potential customers believe they really care.

The difficulty in coming up with personalised marketing posters is you have to have an original graphic design to go along with your own personal sales pitch. The graphics and the text of the message must be visually engaging to achieve the desired effect and the desired response to a call to action. Remember that posters convey their message in a way that is unique to this advertising medium. The imagery should create a picture in the minds of viewers of the results intended.  The text portion of the message should be concise but precise in relaying instruction on the action to be done by the viewers to get to the result you desire. The emphasis should be on what benefits the viewers will get, not on the product or service you are selling. Hence, composing a personalized poster for marketing really calls for some amount of actual marketing research along with artistic skills and a lot of creativity. Of course, if you need some artwork to be done for you, Baker Street Poster Printing can help you there. Just describe the job by phone or email and they will give you a competitive price quote to have it made.

Once you are through with the composition of your personalised marketing poster, you can upload the file to Baker Street Poster Printing. They can then print copies at almost any custom size in quality that is second to none. You can also order copies that are laminated and mounted on foam boards.