Which Cheap Poster Printing to choose?

If this is your first time visiting us at our Baker Street Poster Printing website, you may be a bit at a loss as to which cheap poster printing package to choose from. It may be that you have a poster you want to have printed, but if you are still a novice at dealing with online poster printers, you may just be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options that are being presented to you. Perhaps we can help clarify some things to help you choose.

Firstly, have you considered how many and why you need the posters? Will you using them for marketing or promotions or will they be meant as decors for your home or shop? Will they be posted indoors or outdoors where exposure to the elements can lead to some fading of the colouring? While we are sure we’ve got a poster suitable for your need, it helps to bear in mind these considerations when deciding on the number, size and type of paper for your job order for the poster printing.

In terms of size, our cheapest available poster size is A4 (210mm x 297mm) at £5 for the super satin 220gsm silky photo finish. The price goes up slightly at £7 for the super gloss 220gsm photo quality finish and £11 for the durable 220gsm laminated posters. The biggest available poster size is A0 (841mm x 1189mm) and comes at  £33 for the super satin silky photo finish and at £45 for the super gloss photo quality finish. The other available sizes are A3 (297mm x 420mm), A2 (420mm x 594mm) and A1 (594mm x 841mm). We can also accommodate orders for custom-sized posters.

In terms of number, we can print as specified or in bulk. Pricing varies according to size and paper quality. For instance, an order for 50 size A2 gloss art finish posters costs  £186 while an order of 1000 size A0 gloss art finish posters would be priced at £649. An order of 25 gloss art finish 170gsm size A3 posters costs £30 while an order of 2000 matt-coated card 400gsm size A3 posters is priced at  £729. With respect to bulk orders for size A3 posters, we can print different designs for each copy as long as you give as a pdf containing your desired images.

If your posters are meant to be displayed outdoors, it would probably be a good idea to order from our durable laminated posters which are available at £11 for size A4, £20 for size A3, £35 for size A2 and £45 for size A1.

While you certainly can get cheap poster printing at our company, none of our work is substandard. Our posters are printed using the high class HP printers with the best 220gsm paper as well as a six-ink system for sharp prints. Our graphics’ quality is just topnotch. Thus, we really can cater from either the files you ask us to copy or our own artwork based on your specification. With our deep stock of papers, we can cater to your project in no time.