Cheap Poster Printing for Marketing

Posters can be a good marketing tool for start-ups as well as small and medium-sized businesses that are seeking to increase recognition of their particular brands. Though simpler and far cheaper than print-, broadcast-, or Internet-media-based advertising, posters can be just as effective in getting their message out and conveying to the public their desired call to action. In fact, if the business advertised is nearby, a strategically-placed attention-grabbing poster has a very good chance at converting passersby into actual immediate sales.

Strangely, people intuitively seem to find poster ads more believable and trustworthy than modern media-based ads. After all, they do know that those mouthing the lines in the television and radio commercials are just actors who are being paid to say what they are told by their sponsors. Posters have been in use for a very long time already because it has been tried and tested and found effective for marketing. Compared with other forms of advertising like TV and radio commercials, they seem more credible to the general public. Maybe because they are in public places, they seem less remote and more accessible. Whether or not there is truth in what is being advertised, posters tend to give people the impression that there is legitimacy in what is being claimed.

If posters were not effective for marketing, why would the big companies which already advertise heavily through the modern mass media and the Internet also continue to use them? The point is, posters can reinforce these other commercials, and vice versa. For instance, if a potential customer sees a poster ad at the subway station then sees a Google ad-link, chances are he will likely click on that link. Conversely, if a customer hears a radio commercial then finds a poster about that commercial in a shop window, there is a better than even chance that he will enter the shop.

Posters also make for a more accurate targeting of your intended clientele. While Internet and broadcast commercials can reach a broader audience, not all of them will be your potential customers. On the other hand, if say you are in the school supplies business and you place your poster ads near to schools, you are sure to reach all potential customers.

And best argument of all, posters are still the cheapest way to advertise what you are marketing. Television and web-based promotional campaigns can certainly cost you up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. But at Baker Street Poster Printing, we offer poster printing A3 on 170 gsm paper for £555 at around 2,000 copies, and even less when we run special offers.